Leafmore High School is a highschool located in Fallcreek. It is the main setting of Obscure 1, a minor setting in Obscure 2 and a minor setting in Final Exam.


Students from Final Exam have have gone to the school include:

Shannon - Did not graduate from here due to school being destroyed.

Sean - Graduated.

Joe - Graduated

Cassy - Graduated

Nathan - Graduated

Students from Obscure 1 and 2 who have gone to this school include:

Shannon - Did not graduate due to school being destroyed.

Kenny - Same as above.

Stan - Same as above.

Ashley - Same as above.

Josh - Same as above.

Timeline issues.Edit

It is unknown exactly when Final Exam takes place. In Final Exam, Leafmore is intact and running. However, the game apparantly takes place in 2013. If this is so, this causes issues in Canon due to the fact that in 2003, Leafmore was closed, and in 2005, the school was in the process of demolition, with almost everything besides the Library and a few classrooms left. Its possible that the school was rebuilt and the Final Exam characters attended, and graduated from the school.