Shannon Matthews
Student Record
Age 24
Gender Female
Appearances Final Exam
Other attributes

Shannon Matthews is a character encountered at Leafmore. She is not a playable character.


Shannon Matthews is a 24 year old (According to her birthyear from the first game), female living in Fallcreek. She survived 2 outbreaks in the city during her life. One during her high school years in 2004, and another in her college years in 2008. She survived both and began a relationship with former classmate, Stan Jones. 

Shannon`s older brother, Kenny, due to having to take special pills to cure the virus everyday after they were infected in high school, became mentally unstable and she was forced to take care of him. This led to her becoming a goth as well. 4 years after they were infected, Kenny eventually snapped and turned on her and his friends, including his best friend Stan. Kenny murdered one of their friends, Mei, raped a classmate named Amy and forced another, Corey, to commit suicide. In retaliation for forcing their friend Corey to commit suicide, Shannon and Stan killed Kenny.

After these events, it was unknown what happened to her and Stan. However it would appear she is alive and well as of 2013 when another outbreak occurs in the city and she is encountered by the current protagonists.

Final ExamEdit

In spite of not being a playable character, Shannon plays an important role in Final Exam. When Herbert Friedman drinks an experimental serum to transform himself, Shannon attempts to stop him by using her powers to absorb it.


  • Shannon is so far the only character to appear in all 3 games. She appeared as a protagonist in Obscure, Obscure 2 and a non playable character in Obscure: Final Exam.
  • Shannon was the only one infected by the virus to not require pills, unlike her brother and friends. This was because the virus bonded with her and she was able to handle it, while it would pose the risk of death for Ashley, Kenny, Josh and Stan.